These days, it's not enough to generate great sales, you need to reduce costs and maintain high quality.

Fourteen Years committed to innovative research, applied technical support, refined distribution and efficiency, leads our clients to be more cost effective and productive.  DDKS Industries is focused on priority service and supply of replacement units to keep our customers up and running, when timing is of the essence.  "Hydraulic power is the reaction of a mechanical force transferred into a controlled flow of pressurized fluid".  Cash flow is the driving force behind today's business environment.  Down time is never an option.  DDKS Industries reaction time is unsurpassed and will keep the wheels of progress in motion.  Our support staff and technical team keep DDKS Industries current on development and fluid visionary concepts.  Our goal is to convert our expertise in gear, vane, piston pumps and motor applications to a competitive level, raising the bar for others to follow.  Our emergency response team remanufactures/rebuilds, meeting and exceeding industry standards, providing uninterrupted service for our clients.

DDKS Industries sets the standard for service that others can only aspire to achieve.  Let our team go to work for you.

David Kelley
President, DDKS Industries